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Save It is a service that provides an alternative for petroleum-based single-use plastic. Our main focus is to reduce the massive amounts of waste going into landfills. Our focus is on office buildings, stadiums, and large scale events. Save It fills the business world’s need to become sustainable

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How is work’s
The end-user is enjoying the event while drinking and eating from biodegradable single-use products, made mainly from PLA. With a seamless method of work that doesn’t change a thing, after finishing the drink, the user will then throw the biodegradable products to our special Save It bin. At the end of the event, we will ensure that the biodegradable products will get to an industrial compost facility.

Customer problem

Companies, sponsors, and events producers are aware that the end-users are looking for seamless and effortless alternatives to reduce the rate of environmental damage caused by human impact. The use of plastic made from petroleum has become extremely unpopular. Therefore, Companies, sponsors and, events producers are no longer willing to be associated with single-use plastic and plastic waste. This use affects their brand perception by the end-users, leads to negative marketing, churn, and reduction in sales.


Who We Are



Co-Founder & CEO
Save it

I saw the business opportunity to start
a company that has a positive effect on the environment so I decided to be the change I want to see. I studied visual communication and worked in the media and high-tech industry. I got My professional skills while working on Channel 10 and afterward at Magisto, a video app that was later acquired by Vimeo. My strength is in branding, marketing strategy, and execution

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Co-Founder & COO
Save it

an innovative entrepreneur with broad experience, of over 10 years, in various business divisions and industries. I have founded and managed a start-up company that enabled energy saving in the water-heating industry. I have also mentored in academic and business innovation centers. My strength is in Biz-dev.

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